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Disney Interactive Studios

November 6, 2010

Fun Games for the Family!

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Looking for some fun games for your kids?  Look no further!  Disney Interactive Studios has a great line up that will please everyone!  We were sent these titles to try out and I am happy to recommend them to you for great gift suggestions! Happy Gaming!

Club Penguin  Game Day   My kids really dig this Wii game!  In it, they get to compete against other penguin teams in single or multiplayer sports-themed racing and performance events.  Everyone has a fun time racing with familiar characters from Club Penguin.

Cars Toon Mater's Tall Tales Wii
Enjoy thirty levels of play involving a variety of cooperative and competitive mini-games
inspired by Disney Pixar’s popular Mater’s Tall Tales animated short series.  This is by far my son's favorite Wii game! He loves being able to earn coins to customize his own car.  Very fun!

Toy Story 3: The Video Game With the release of the latest movie, Toy Story 3, it is no surprise that my kids would be excited to try out the DS game of the same name.  They love it!  It is fun for all ages, but especially so for the younger ones.  No reading is necessary to play the game, either, which is a huge plus!  This game is also available on Wii, Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, Windows PC, Mac, and PSP platforms.

Phinneas and Ferb Ride Again DS   My kids enjoy watching Phinneas and Ferb on Disney.  They were really excited to try out this DS game.  They love going on a virtual adventure with these two imaginative step-brothers as they build wild rides including a skateboard, a spaceship and a surfboard!