Dreambox Learning

Keeping those Math Skills Sharp

August 2, 2010

How do you make practicing Math fun?  I don't know how to make it fun, but thankfully, Dreambox does!  Dreambox is an online resource for parents and children that teaches kids age-appropriate Math, disguised in a game format. 

I had three of my children test it out, compliments of Dreambox Learning.  My children are different ages.  I have them entering preschool, First Grade and Third Grade this year, so having them test out the website was a good indication of how it would be.  Each one of them were able to play games and have fun, all the while not really realizing that it was no different than practicing worksheets.  Just 15 minutes was long enough for them to make progress and sharpen their skills each day.  They could gather gold coins and rewards and pass levels.

The part I really liked about it was that I would receive an email when they had finished their turn, detailing what they were working on and how those skills were implemented in the game.  By signing on to the website, as special Parental section kept track of their progess and would graph where they were in comparison to their grade levels.  This was really great for me to know what and how my children were learning. It assesses each child’s math comprehension level as they play the game and it delivers lessons tailored to that child’s level of understanding.  DreamBox’s under the hood (GuideRight™) technology adapts the lesson, difficulty, the number and type of hints given, pacing, sequence, etc. to each child who plays.  No child takes the exact same adventure as there are more than a million different lesson paths through the game.

I highly recommend this website for keeping your kids up on their math skills.  It was fun and interactive, which is what learning should be.

To check it out yourself, go to