Uncle Milton's National Geographic Toys

Exploration in Our Own Backyard!

July 29, 2012
I am the mom of four very adventurous boys.  They are always exploring, digging, creating, and building.  They especially love doing all these things outside! We were recently sent some great new toys from Uncle Milton to check out and my boys jumped at the chance to put them to the test!

Uncle Milton's National Geographic Explorer toys are perfect to take with them outdoors. For daytime exploration fun, they gathered the All-Terrain Nature Collector, 4-in1 Explorer Navigation Tool, and Earth Tag and embarked on a trek through our woods.


Using the 4-in-1 Navigation Tool, they were able to use the components of this toy to head them in the right direction, as it is equipped with a compass, signal mirror, thermometer, and a whistle.  It easily clips to their belt for easy access.  They thought this tool was awesome!

In case they encountered anything dangerous, or just wanted to play a game, they were armed with the Earth Tag, a sling shot that flings "Earth Balls" or foam-like balls. They like taking turns shooting and keeping score.  

There is plenty to be discovered in our backyard, so the All-Terrain Nature Collector is great to have on hand.  This trigger-activiated "arm" can pick up anyting from a safe distance.  They especially like the clear plastic dome that snaps on to collect little critters so they can investigate them and watch them before releasing them out in the wild.  

My boys are sure to have a great time with these toys for quite some time, as they will go on different adventures every day.  They give these National Geographic Toys a huge thumbs up and are too busy exploring and playing with them to tell me anything more about them!

You can find your own Uncle Milton's National Geographic Explorer toys online.