NYC Curls by Carlos Flores

March 2, 2013
All you moms out there that have curly or wavy hair, I have a fantastic new product line that you will definitely want to know about.  NYC Curls by Carlos Flores is a salon quality formula made especially for those with hard to tame curly tresses.  I know as someone who has curly hair that not all products are created equal and honestly, I didn't know that I would see any difference with these products versus other formulas and brands designed for curly hair.  I was sent a few products to try for myself and even after one use, could see a huge difference from other brands!

The Curl Cleanser was a really interesting product and it did take me a little bit to get used to it, as it is a non-lathering product.  But, it cleaned really well.  The Curl Conditioner left my hair luxuriously soft and manageable. When I paired the cleanser and conditioner in my daily routine, I was left with very clean and smooth hair.  It did not feel stripped or damage, but rather rejuvenated.  I really liked how it worked.  When it came to styling my hair, I used the Curl Gel, and this was my favorite product.  Using a very small amount, this silky (not sticky) serum put a bounce in my curls like nothing else.  When I used the product, my hair looks incredible.  I never would have thought that using this product would make such a difference, but clearly the experts did, which is why they created the line in the first place.

I highly recommend NYC Curls by Carlos Flores to anyone with wavy or curly hair, as it allows you to make the most of your curls and really show them off, without being overly heavy or leaving your hair feeling crunchy.  It was really wonderful!  If you are wondering what to do with your curls, visit their website, as they have tips and suggestions for stying curly locks.  While you are there, order some of their products to try for yourself, you won't be disappointed!