Dorney Park

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Amusement park great for every member of the family!

Business Review

Summer is officially over, unfortunately!  We were able to do lots of fun things this summer and wanted to end our summer vacation with a bang, so we headed over to Dorney Park on Labor Day.  We expected lots of crowds, but the weather worked to our advantage and we arrived to a downpour of rain.  While this may detour some from heading to an amusement park, it would never keep us from enjoying a fun day at Dorney Park!  
We were drenched before we even got into the park, but I have to say, it is so much fun playing in the rain.  Lines are virtually non-existant and as long as it isn't too bad, the rides keep going.  We were able to take advantage of the small crowds by going on rides over and over again.

New to Dorney Park this year is the Stinger, which my older boys couldn't wait to ride on!  They got right on and enjoyed the thrilling attraction that has you dangling face to face with other passengers as it takes you 138 feet into the air and then sends you 55 miles an hour through three inversions and then back again.  It was a blast to ride this scorpion ride! 

We spent hours enjoying all the fun rides at Dorney Park.  There really is something for everyone and whether you have older kids or younger kids, everyone will be happily entertained during your visit. Young visitors can explore Planet Snoopy, a great area that has 16 rides for little visitors and their parents. Older and taller members of the family can ride all the thrill rides and for those that are in between, there are tons of great and exhilarating options!

I love that such a great amusement park is minutes away from us and we are able to enjoy all the many things Dorney Park has to offer families in the area! We can't wait to visit again!

*We were guests of Dorney Park to facilitate a review, all opinions are my own.